Wednesday, February 11, 2009

I Can Stop Obsessing! (about this)

Conflation of Moisture and Volcanic Gasses

Have you ever become ever so slightly obsessed with something? You have to check it over and over several times a day?

Yes, me too.

But now it's done! Phew!

Thanks to you good people, I placed second in the photo competition! And granted while I like to think my photos are fantastic, there wasn't a huge amount of traffic to this site, so it felt a whole lot more like a popularity contest.

And you like me, you really really like me!

At least 199 of you do.

And that was enough for second place! Only 30 votes from first place!

Fortunately it's not only first that counts in this race. I won almost $2,000 worth of materials to help me take the GMAT which is a mandatory exam when applying for an MBA.

AND it just happens to be almost $2,000 more than I had to spend on this sort of thing!

Thank you!

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