Friday, February 13, 2009

Her Family

Best Look

This is Chiquita, she belongs to a neighbor, but likes to visit. She doesn't have to knock because she fits through the bars.

Food Opportunist

And this is why she likes to visit. Amelia isn't very possessive of her food bowl, nor the food in it.

Spying on the Neighbor\

Chitrin likes to spy on the neighbors and imagine his life outside when he's not on his leash.

They're Playing

Otherwise he and Amelia play and play.

No, Really They're Playing

And play.

Lap Dog

And Chiquita watches (and they all take turns getting my pants dirty).

But when they hear Roberto's motorcycle coming down the road (it's very loud), everything stops.

Roberto's Coming!

And that is why, when I leave Nicaragua in a couple weeks, I will be saying good-buy to Amelia as well, because her family is here.

She was my first dog and I have been surprised how much she taught me! I am glad she has this loving home with playmates.

Doughnut Dog
Amelia impersonating a doughnut after a long day of playing.

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