Friday, February 20, 2009

The New Way

Dirt Level Entry Road

We have a new road! With the pressure from having 200 NPH staff and supporters from North, Central, South America and Europe coming to visit, we finally got approval to put in a durable, travel-able (even in bad weather!) road!

Scraping the Entry

We used heavy equipment including a rolling vibration compactor! Which is not necessarily something to take for granted. Marlon had previously wanted the teenage boys to do the work by hand.

One area of the road crosses a large runoff area, so long concrete tubes have been installed so that the water can drain underneath. How professional!

Almost Finished

It means that this road will last a long, long time. And that getting in and out of the property will not be and question. (And the International Meeting with everyone went well too from what I hear!)

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