Monday, February 23, 2009

My Next Step

He's grown quite a bit since this picture was taken, but it is the most recent available.

Let me introduce you to someone very important to me.

He is half Kenyan and half American.

He has community organizing in his background, family background.

He was in Washington D.C. on January 20th, and is there just about every day really.

His name is Charlie and he's my first nephew!

And this is my next mini-interim-gap-audaciousness project.

How can that be audacious? Millions of babies are born all the time! Well, as my sister kindly put it to my mother, 'it will be like the blind leading the blind!'

There's a reason I worked in the construction part of the orphanage!

Although he doesn't know it, he will be the focus of most of my posts the month of March as I stay with his mother (my sister) and his father (my brother-in-law).

He is due March 11th, but he will probably create his own timing if parental predisposition is already flowing through him.

As part of a small family which has sprawled according to opportunity, I'm excited for the chance to be a part of this event!

Note: 10:29 AM - So even though I've had this post written and scheduled for today for about two weeks, Charlie chose this as an important day too! Corrie is currently in labor and if all goes well, I'll have a nephew by the end of the day!

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Cupcake said...

we are praying for you all. I look forward to the updates auntie.