Monday, August 13, 2007

A New Definition of NPH on Visitors Day

Three times a year, the families of the kids have a day set aside for them to visit. Families? Of orphans?

Well, this deserves a little explanation. Nuestros Pequenos Hermanos is an orphanage, it takes in kids who have no family. But under certain conditions also takes in kids that have families that can't take care of them.

Sometimes they are simply so destitute they can’t provide a home. Other times the kids have lived with an aunt or uncle, but eventually there are simply too many children to care for. And yet other times, NPH acts as the country’s foster care system and takes in children that have been abused.

So what is NPH? Well, the easiest way to see that is to think about what their lives would have in common without NPH. They would be on their own in the most basic sense, many of them would be living on the streets, many would be scrounging for food, many of them would be sick on a constant basis and education would be a distant dream for all of them.

Instead, they are generally healthy, generally loved, generally educated and generally looking forward to the next Visitors Day.

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