Thursday, August 23, 2007

The Purpose of Eating

Corn Bread steamed on the stove from a South African recipe

The emphasis here is on food that will fill you up and the company you share while eating. Both of these are fine goals, but it leaves me a little wanting.

I do have a new affinity for Gallo Pinto (rice and beans), a traditional Nicaraguan dish that we have everyday, usually for dinner around 7 at night. It's my opinion that everyone eats that late because being historically impoverished population, when they go to bed only a few hours later, they are assured they won't go to bed hungry.

Still, as good as it is, I’m glad only once or twice a week do we have it for all three meals of the day.

During these times I go to the links under the new 'Other Food Blogs' section and dream of fresh cherry cobblers, juicy peach crisps and chocolate cupcakes stuffed with ginger caramel, frosted with mango ganache, and topped with a mango-Ginger won.

You know, simple comfort food.


NJA said...

Hehe, you and your amazing cupcakes!

Oh btw, I am moving to WA =)

Nic said...

Mmm, Hi, I'm Nicole, and I love cupcakes....

And you're moving!!! Soon we'll have the whole extended family in Washington, all 11 of us! :)