Wednesday, August 1, 2007

A Different Delivery System

Oxen delivered a couple loads of bricks today for the wall around the property.

When beasts of burden become involved in your construction project, there's really not that much more to say. You know you're not in the US. But I'll go ahead and say a little more anyway!

I was a little surprised when I walked out of my room this morning to see their wet noses so up close and personal. These are some of the fattest best looking oxen I've seen in the whole country. Coming from the more PC US, however, it's still always strange for me to see the guy who drives them whacking them really hard with a long stick to get them to maneuver around. At least he wasn't drawing blood like I've seen with others.


lance said...

I like the "harness system" used to pull the cart! I guess that keeps 'em in line.

Thanks for the continued updates about life in general in you part of the world.

Nic said...

Yeah! It's amazing they pull the hole thing from the top of their heads! I know they're used to it, but I always feel sorry for the ones that aren't matched in height very well!