Tuesday, August 11, 2009


night panorama
Night setting on the Bighorns

I don't think this is the first time I've admitted it, but sometimes I have a few perfectionistic tendencies. Spelling or using words that are officially English is not one of those tendencies.

These tendencies sometimes cause me a little stress, a little constant stream of stress.

For example, right now, I have 15 volunteers coming on Friday to help out, but no one to lead them. If I weren't a perfectionist, I'd say, great! Let's see what we can do! But instead I say, holy crap! How in the world am I going to give these volunteers a great experience so that they'll want to be volunteers in the future, donors and potential board members all while accomplishing as much as possible on the houses?!


I've been indulging my Type A self because it is good at getting a lot done (building four houses with volunteers, studying for the GMAT and applying to grad schools all at the same time). But it isn't good at maintaining sanity.

But I tell myself two things.

First, this teeth grinding, too much happening too fast stress is way better than that stomach churning, nothing is happening and I can't get it moving without offending the people I need to move stress.

Second, I can sleep in January. Things will be slower in January... I hope!

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