Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Funnest Job Ever!

Happy Family Home
Kat, Chloe and Ethan, soon to be homeowners at the duplex.

I am seriously lucky to do what I do (you know, random coordinator of all things my boss doesn't do).

In my construction coordinator hat, I got a call from soon to be homeowner Carisa last week. She's got MS and we're finishing up her house in the next couple months (it was started before I got here).

She had just gone up to her house to grab a paint brush and see what may have happened over the week. When she found the kitchen sink, bathroom sink, toilet and hot water heater installed and trim around the windows and doors started she had to call me.

It was a conversation filled with 'oh my gosh!' and 'wow!' and the most self satisfying one 'thank you!!!'

I like my job.

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Brooke Rolston said...

Yes, you like your job. And we imagine you will find ways and paths to like the ones in your future. Thanks for all your postings! Hugs, Brooke & Mary