Thursday, August 13, 2009

Most Important

Water Erosion
Water makes an impression over the years in South Africa.

Life has been very full, I'm trying to accomplish a fair amount in a short time. Want to help?

Of course it's easy! Have I ever asked you to do something difficult? Ok, don't answer that.

I'm writing an essay for one of my grad school applications.

What is most important to you and why.

So.... what is most important to you? (and why if you feel like it)


lww and jmw said...

Hey Nicole. I am passionate about helping people understand who they are (especially with their faith).

I find that so often people are trying to put a round peg in a square hole with life. They have been told they need to do a, b, and c to be successful. In actuality I feel like people need to understand who they are and how they are created. Without that self exploration I wonder if one can truly be successful in life and their faith.

here is my quick answer.

what are you applying to grad school for?

Nicole said...

That's a good one! My first rough essay included 'understanding', it was too abstract the way I had written it, though.

I'm applying to business school, MBA specifically.

lww and jmw said...

That is exciting that you are going for your MBA. Are you planning to start in the winter?

Understanding can be an abstract word. With the context I was using it is often more of a discovery. Which can also be abstract. One of the challenges with working for people is you have to be a bit abstract in the language. Everyone goes through a different process; people are so unique.

what did you decide to write about?

hua said...

the pudding sitting in front of me.

Nicole said...

I'll be starting fall of 2010. First round application are due in October, though, so the part I can actually influence is coming up quickly!

I believe I'll be writing about home, family and love. It explains the best why I've gone into housing and construction.