Monday, August 24, 2009

Marcos Moreno

Acadamia de Atletismo

The story of Marcos Moreno as told by Academia de Atletismo head trainer, Roberto Delgadillo.

He was born in Nicaragua in the state of Rivas.

Marcos is only nine years old, but at this early age he is sure of what he wants when he grows up. He says he wants to be a good runner because that would allow him to travel to other countries and meet different people and see different places.

Marcos is a very smart boy. His mother, Ana Carolina, is a single mother and the only person he has to rely on. And the one who knows very well how much he loved running since he was four years old. “Running for him is like an obsession” she said.

As many thousands of children in Nicaragua, Marcos' worst enemy and biggest obstacle to success is the poverty in which he and his family live. Both mom and son together live in a very precarious situation, but this has not taken away their hope for better days ahead.

They have learned to see each day as a challenge to be conquered and also have learned to live with what they receive.

For this reason he believes he will do well in his training sessions. His goal is to become an excellent athlete, for life itself has taught him to be strong.

Marcos does not complain about life instead he is thankful to God for the mother he has been blessed with since she has always been there for him, loving him, supporting him in every way including providing for their daily needs.

She encourages him to go to school. It is very difficult for her to afford uniforms, running shoes and vitamins for Marcos to continue being a part of a track team.

In spite of the circumstances she has allowed Marcos to attend to the afternoon training sessions and when she has time she comes to the stadium to support her son.

Marcos y Mama - Acadamia de Atletismo

Marcos' mother works 12 hour shifts in a factory sewing clothing to be exported to countries like the US. She makes approximately $120 per month and supports her son, herself and helps her mother on that salary.

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