Monday, May 18, 2009

Panoramas, They're Like Big Hugs

Someday I will get around to scanning all of my old photos from college road trips and share Carrie's and my strange fixation with panoramic scenes where we take turns being in every picture.

Profile of Sprouting Rock

In the meantime, however, I have these two examples of places where I couldn't get far enough away in order capture everything I wanted in just one photo.

This is where Hugin comes in.

Above Hanging Lake

It's a photostitcher that can be downloaded and used for free (unless you're a secret professional photo printer). It can be simple or complicated depending on what you attempt to do with it.

It easily stitched a 7 photo horizontal panorama, but had difficulty when I tried combining photos with very different exposures.

We'll see how it feels about college road trips.

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Wim said...

The bubbling stream close up in the second picture is lucious and worth the price of admission.