Tuesday, May 12, 2009

A Needed Make-Over

Ain't it great?

Ok, it needs a little work.

But hey, I needed a little storage area behind my desk at work, and it needed a home.

Besides, it was only $15 at the ReStore. Paint was $2 (because I used two colors). And the countertop was $4. A grand total of $22.26 with Wyoming sales tax!

Ummm, okay, so I didn't actually even pay for it. That's the benefit of working here (and having it be for work).

I suddenly wish the office didn't already have enough furniture!


Cor said...

Very cool Cole! Reminds me of your bedroom color scheme in Utah...
Just wanted to mention again how awesome you are at blogging - I esp appreciate it now that I'm trying to work on Charlie's! Have not yet perfected the oh-so-witty concise text yet, maybe when I'm getting more than 4 hours of sleep/ night....

Aubrey said...

You made that look *nice* Nicole!