Wednesday, May 6, 2009

How Do You Know You're in Wyoming Part 1

Under $2

Yep, that's regular unleaded for under $2 per gallon. Not the always the lowest in the nation, but always one of them!

And no, dad, I was not driving and taking photos at the same time, or, ok, sort of, but I was already slowing down to stop!


Wim said...

I'll bet it is a rare sight in Wyoming to see someone talking a picture of gasoline prices while they easing to a stop. You are our ambassador of wierd behavior. So let us know what weird behavior you find while you are there.

By the way, I'm impressed that you were stopping while it was still yellow!

Nicole said...

Yeah, well I was far enough away I knew I'd have to stop. I was using zoom on the camera :)