Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Hello? Is Anyone There?

Moving Through

Ok, so I actually know (more or less) how many of you there are, where you are, and what google search terms you may have used to get here (if that's how you got here).

Which is information I promise I only use for good, not evil. Or, well, I don't really use it for anything, I'm just curious about who you are.

But if for some crazy reason you'd like to leave a little note on the post, all you have to do is -
1. Click at the bottom of the post where it says 'comments'
2. Type your message in the box
3. Type the word verification (it's so that I don't get spammed with random advertisements)
4. Choose your identity (most likely either you're already signed in, or you can click on name/URL and type your name in).
5. Click 'Publish Your Comment'

Hopefully that clears up some of the confusion. And, of course, you can always keep emailing!

1 comment:

kmoltich said...

love the photos, they are also so wonderful!! keep up the good shooting and clicking.