Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Yes, Everybody Loves Reymundo

Taking care of fields of beans and corn and always plenty of time for posing! Maudiel patiently waits, knowing this could take awhile.

And Reymundo LOVES the camera. He will stand posing for a picture for absolutely as long as it he needs to get you to take it. Hand it over to him and you’ll end up with a hundred photos, plenty of them self portraits!

Total cliché, I know, but it’s true! Everybody loves Reymundo! He’s the charismatic one in the group, often the center of attention, happy to do what’s needed to make everyone laugh. But he’s also always one of the first ones to come for a hug when I see them, always asks how I’m doing and really listens when I answer (which isn’t always easy given my level of Spanish).

He arrived at NPH when he was eight years old, having lived with an aunt whose children were grown. When I asked about his mother and father, he just says that he doesn’t have a mother or father. I’m not sure if that means one or both died, or just left, but the result for him is the same either way.

I asked if he liked NPH when he first arrived, but the only phrase he comes up with is ‘It was normal’. Which I’m guessing means, it’s not bad, but not always paradise either.

Reymundo has a lot of energy and always wants to be a part of what is going on, so when you’re on a sleepy island you make your own action. It landed him at NPH’s farm, San Marcos for four years, working and going to school.

During 2007, he is doing his year of service before finishing secundaria. I met him when I first arrived and he was living here at the offices with me. Right now, he is currently back at San Marcos working in the bean fields. At the end of this year, he’ll move to Managua to finish secundaria at a school that has given him a soccer scholarship.

Eventually he wants to study medicine in University and play soccer. But really, he mostly just wants to play soccer. And at 17, who can blame him!

They'll make do with whatever is around, even the burro

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