Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Master Plan for NPH Nicaragua

This is the master plan for the new home in Nicaragua. Its purpose is to designate areas for different activities. There will be changes undoubtedly, but it is important for us to plan so that there will be a space that makes sense for each activity.

For example, the school is near the entrance because NPH not only provides an education for its own children, but also for children from the community that are too poor to pay for a regular school.

Eventually there will be housing, classrooms and facilities for around 575 kids and more caregivers, staff, visitors and volunteers. There will also be a church, a clinic, administrative offices, sports courts, fields for beans and bananas and shelters for chickens and pigs.

It will be a little town once complete in approximately six years. It will also be a step out of abusive homes for some, a step off the streets for others and a step into the first loving home many of them have ever known.

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