Monday, July 2, 2007

The Real Reason to go to Santa Cruz, Bolivia

Before I get to the reason I went to Bolivia last week (construction work), I want to show you the REAL reason I do the work I do.

NPH Bolivia started just over two years ago. It began as a family of 11 in one weekend; they now house over 40 kids (and are planning on growing to around 500, eventually). They have the full range of babies to young adults living in the house and address the variety of challenges that comes with this diversity of ages, backgrounds and abilities.

My first day there I was greeted with cries of ‘Tia!’ (Aunt! The title used for all female staff, Tio, or Uncle is for all male staff). Hugs, questions and long explanations about nothing in particular usually follow (especially from the younger ones) and tugs toward the swings.

The kids learn how to behave from the adults that care for them and it’s clear from their warm, loving welcomes for me that everyone at NPH Bolivia works hard to create a caring environment for these kids who come from such tough backgrounds.

Eduardo contemplates what trouble to get into next

NPH Bolivia Futbol Team (Tios and kids both play)

For the younger ones, a race devised by Tia (and volunteer from Austria) Judith to tire them out, and it works!

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