Friday, July 20, 2007

Banana and Pineapple, Use 'em While They're Local!

After my last experience making dessert, I decided that the heat of an oven just wasn’t worth it in a Nicaraguan summer. Why fight it when you have the traditional alternative of frying?

So I gathered up my ingredients (easier now that I had a little pantry going in my freezer, the only place I was sure there would be no bugs). Flour? Check. Pineapple and bananas from this guy in the local Mercado? Check.

Five gallon bucket of oil? Check. Loosely followed recipe from Epicurious (forgot the ginger, used a lot more flour)? Check. Chopped overly juicy pineapple, sugar measured with coffee cup, all mixed with a soup spoon, dropped into hot oil? Check.

Removed and tossed in sugar? Check. Used to scoop cool, creamy, melty ice cream into your mouth? Mmmmm….check. Edwin is 12 and joined us from the Atlantic Coast several months ago, he helps in the kitchen and is just about always in a good mood as he puts everything in order there. He reminds me of the nephew in Ugly Betty whenever he sashays from the counter to the stove.

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