Monday, July 23, 2007

Big Bugs

I woke up this morning, and walked over to the light switch on the other side of the room in stocking feet. I was really lucky.

A little further to the right and I’d have stepped directly on an upside-down cockroach more than two inches long with his legs flailing in the air. Instead, I opened my door to the outside world and swept him out with my broom. I then followed suit with this little guy who was closer to my bathroom door and also futilely doing the backstroke.

The night before, I went to grab a bag of sugar from the outside storage room. After unlocking the padlock on the creaky metal door, I swung it open and switched on the light. I didn’t see this guy (or girl, I really can’t tell) trying to squeeze himself unseen into the corner until I was on my way back out and switching the light off.

Yep, they’re big. At least that seem that way to me when they’re right in front of me!


Diahan said...

I admire your bravery. Though I am from Caribbean heritage my constitution is too fragile to accommodate such roommates. I have 2 scars from incidents running from their cousins - of all places - here in New York City. Just checking in. All the best,
Diahan Walker-Sealy, Peter Goldmark's asst.

Nic said...

Thanks Diahan! I sure don't feel very brave as I'm keeping them the full distance of the broom away from me! I hope everything's going well at Environmental Defense.