Thursday, May 24, 2007

The Run

Mitcho, Me and Juan Carlos

Juan Carlos (Maricela’s brother) and I watched the Amazing Race together Friday night. It’s his favorite show and while it stresses me out, it’s in English! Afterwards he convinced me to go for a run the next morning with him and Mitcho, a cousin.

Now, I’ve been running with Maricela in the evenings, and while they’re not marathons, it’s more than just walking around the block. But I knew I was in trouble when Mitcho waited for us to get a head start so he could run at his regular pace. I do have several good excuses for what happened (yes, they are still excuses). Nicaragua is at sea level, Tegucigalpa most definitely is not. It was uphill the whole way (at least the whole way out). It’s been six months since I’ve been to the gym (I’m not sure they even have one in San Jorge)!!!

So… I walked. And the boys ran circles around me… literally.

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