Saturday, May 5, 2007


This, apparently, is noni. I found it on the ground while looking at the perimeter of the property for the security wall. At first I thought is was some unhatched alien being. This actually ran through my head, although there was also some thought as to which sci-fi seemed most appropriate.

So, of course, I poked it with my finger. I wasn’t sure if it was hard, or what. To those that think I'm crazy for this, I would like to offer the reassurance that I looked for a stick to poke it with for, like, two seconds.

The thing is, it does have a tiny bit of a skin on it, which just makes you poke harder. This, then causes the skin to rupture and your finger ends up in a white, slimy, waxy, Vaseline like substance. This causes you to step back quickly, where you will realize, as your foot moves toward the ground more slowly than usual, that you just stepped in another one and you’ve now pulverized it (fortunately only!) covering the bottom of your shoe with a Vaseline like substance.

Apparently, it is used in drinks sometimes. That was the only use mentioned to me from the people here, but Wikipedia mentions that it is sometimes called starvation fruit because when people have to, but apparently only when there is an actual famine, people will eat it.

Have a good Saturday!


kneek said...

Wow. That is absolutely amazing. What a gross pile of goo. I had to look up the article in Wikipedia to just what it is. Ack. They said it is also called vomit fruit. Yumm. Serve me up a big plate of that.

Dad said...

You are going to give vaseline a bad name

lance said...

Sooooo . . . what does it taste like? Maybe some with a fruit smoothie?