Thursday, May 3, 2007

Drinking on the Job

One other project I’m working on is building a security wall here at the offices. Right now there is a 2.5 m chain link fence with razor wire at the top. So I was given drawings with details and measurements of the property, no problem right? Well, I haven’t been in construction that long, but I know things can’t be that easy. So I took a look around with a tape measure (because I’m still not too handy at eyeballing distances in metric) and we have buildings and utilities within .3 m of the property line! Definitely not enough space for a 1 m footing.

Aw, well, we’ll figure it out, but that wasn’t the highlight of my day. The highlight was, as I was measuring around the bodega where the guys who take care of the property work, they asked me if I liked coconut. And the last thing I would do is turn down a guy with a machete!

Julio opening the coconut

It was messy, but good and refreshing in the hot and humid weather. There are fruit trees all around the property. While I was measuring along the ground I almost got hit in the head with a falling mango. Fortunately I've never had that close of a call with a coconut.

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