Wednesday, May 9, 2007


Wilma and Eva

I like to cook, especially if it’s for at least 20 people (that comes from my days of cooking at Ross Point Camp in Idaho). But here, meals are provided either by Eva, our cook, or at Marlon’s house.

I never really thought of myself as a picky eater, just extremely opinionated, and I’m certainly willing to try anything. While the food here is good, I’ve been surprised how much I miss food from the US. I’m sure once I get back, I’ll be missing all the food here!

The staple is rice and pinto gallo beans. We have them at breakfast, lunch, and most times, they are dinner. Fruit is abundant and I’ve already OD’d on pineapple several times.

Pinto Gallo, Arroz, Queso, y Crema

One of my favorites is fried plantain. Who wouldn’t like something that is most comparable to a French fry? Generally I eat them with sour cream or fried cheese (yes, a hunk of fat dipped in hot fat). Mmmm!


Dad said...

Nicole you are so funny

MrPages said...

Mmmmm.... fried cheese is one of my favorites. I miss the food, it was simple and delicious. We were working pretty hard during the day though, so I might not have a clear view of it. Hunger is the best spice. :)

I love hearing about your experiences. Keep up the blogging!

Nic said...

Yep, somehow, something that I'm totally tired of looks sooooo good by the time the next meal rolls around!