Tuesday, May 1, 2007

How am I doing?

A lot of people have been asking how I’ve been doing (a fairly understandable question) and I realized that as much as I’ve been talking about the little noticeable things, I haven’t addressed this much more obvious issue.

First, I’m glad I’m here working with NPH. It definitely feels like the right situation for me to be in at this point in my life. I worked a long time to find this opportunity, but at the same time, it also somehow found me. I hate to get all cliché-y with phrases about God, so I’ll just say that my faith has played a large part in me being here.

I’ve begun teaching English for the practice it brings me in Spanish. My students are four 17, 18 and 19 year old boys, and a 14 year old girl. Because of my volunteer position being in existence only for the duration of the construction project, I don’t really come into contact with the other volunteers who all live at the houses with the kids (I live at the offices). So my best friends are currently all under 20 and I can understand about half of what they say.

Alejandro and Mirna, both are in their year of service (all the kids love playing with the camera, the was one of the only photos that wasn't up the nose or insane close-up or just completely random)

We’re still doing preliminary work on the project meaning that we’re in the process of finding architects and engineers to design it. Construction is still a little way off. We do have an architect in Bolivia finishing up a final copy of the master site plan which will designate which areas of the property are for what uses (school are, dormitory area, etc.). It’s slow going right now because everything is just beginning, but things will speed up (and then slow down again, then speed up again, because we’re in Nicaragua!).

So once again, I’ve sort of gotten away from the subject of how I’m doing through all of this. Honestly, it’s a little overwhelming. Two countries, two entirely new groups of people, one new language and one new job in the last two months can take it out of you. I’m tired a lot of the time which makes everything I’m trying to do that much more difficult.

I’ve got time to relax. Everyone here is really nice. Nothing is going badly. It will simply take time for me to adjust. I’ve been talking with some friends and family over the internet (if you have Skype, let me know). I can’t say I’m excited all the time, but I can say that I am where I’m supposed to be, and for that, I’m content.


Dad said...

How did Alejandro and Mirna (who I'm guessing are the two in the photo) come to be doing a year of service? Are they Piquenos, from some other country or locals?

Dad said...

Or maybe they are pequenos.