Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Why Write

Teepee Raising
The teepee building team on the Northern Cheyenne Reservation 2003 (I'm on the right, still in glasses)

I have a confession, I am not perfect.

Ok, that's it, I'm not perfect.

I don't have a perfect memory either.

And I don't know everything! While I may have pretended otherwise in front of you at some moment, I really don't (and I've known for quite awhile that I don't).

So, while I love letting you know what I'm up to, my opinions on everything and believing that you think it is just as enthralling and awe inspiring as I do, this blog isn't actually just for you.

It's also for me.

Someday I will go to work at the same place day after day and hopefully I will love it. But it will not be the stuff of exciting posts. And those days that are especially not thrilling at this everyday-job-of-my-future, I will look at these posts, reminise and say to myself....

What was I thinking?!

Because I'm still learning, still changing, still forgetting the lessons I should have already learned.

But this blog will help me remember ancient history, you know, like 2003.


Joshua said...

Hey look there I am on the far left :)

Nicole said...

Holy crap, Josh, I didn't know you read this! I knew a Joshua did, but I can't access your blog through the link with you name! How are you?! Are you in Colorado?

Joshua said...

Yeah i found your blog shortly after our visit to nicaragua. I don't blog :) just comment :)
ALejandra and I are both here in CO. she is actually headed back tomorrow for a wedding.
I talked to noah tonight and he mentioned you had moved onto wyoming...not exactly the tropics :) but i am sure just as exciting...

I am in Denver and Ale is in Boulder. if you are ever in the area let us know. hope all is well. do you remember a dan smaley? I just ran into him this past saturday at a volunteer thing here in denver. he too was a UW'r and helped on the tech mt.

Nicole said...

I was just in Boulder a couple weeks ago! I'm happy to have another excuse to go again, though. And as much as it's nice to have comments on the blog, is there an easier way to get ahold of you? I do still have Alejandra on Skype.