Wednesday, April 29, 2009

New Day

Bricks for Casa Padre Wasson

Today is my first day of work at Habitat Sheridan. As with all new life changes it's exciting and scary with innumerable possibilities.

When I walk into the office for the first time I will be meeting all strangers, but I have no doubt I will quickly come to feel as though I have known them forever.

And yes, that could be good or bad!

Buuuut, I'm sure in this case it will be good.


Wim said...

I'm curious what the symbolism of the wall is. Used building materials ready for reuse? Something old ready to be transformed into something new, like your working relationships? Knowing you there is something going on there. Dad

Leah said...

I think I'm caught up, a little. You are working for Habitat for Humanity in Sheridan. Sounds like a great place to be for an outdoor-loving woman with a big heart and construction experience. I can't wait to read about your next adventures.