Sunday, March 16, 2008

No Evergreens Available

So as you can see we have a roof on the first house! Construction tradition as I know it dictates at this point we'd stick a Christmas tree at the highest point, but I'm pretty sure that's not gonna happen.

In the meantime, however, we do have a whole lot more shade to work in, and the roof was designed high, specifically to allow hot air to rise and keep the living areas cool. It's such a relief! Ok, maybe a bit more for those workers who actually labor on the site, but I appreciate it too!

While we watch the new advances on the first house such as glassblock going in bathroom windows to allow for natural light, the other three homes are advancing quickly as well getting close to finishing the 'crown beams' at the top of the concrete block walls.

We're making finish decisions at this point, such as what color of floor tile and where to put it. The architect rightly recommended placing it up the wall to about a 3' height similar to what is done in schools for ease of cleaning what kids leave behind. Then we rightly replied, is that free? No? Ok, we have some higher priorities for our money right now.

So we're on to less glamorous, but absolutely necessary items at the moment such as roads, water tank, water distribution, electrical distribution and waste water treatment!

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