Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Cashew Nut Fudge

For those of you who know I can happily eat a 1 lb bag of candy corn (happy before, not after), it will come as no surprise that last week we made batches of fudges (can that be plural?), all with an emphasis on local ingredients.

First up is Cashew Nut Fudge from India, by way of Epicurious. Many Indian recipies actually translate quite well to Nicaragua given similar climates and therefore similar produce. In the end, it’s a quiet, mellow candy. Soft and nutty (go figure), and almost seems to have a jelly like texture.

Cashews, or marañón as they’re called here in Nicaragua, are picked by hand with one nut per fruit. Only the poorest tend to take these jobs because much care must be taken when picking not to burn your skin with the toxic juice located in the nut’s shell.

Once processed, they’re sold in plastic bags on street corners, or in my case, a 3 pound bag for $20 straight to the car by vendors standing at stoplights.

While using ingredients that are completely common, this combination isn't. As one of my co-workers commented (while happily eating the candies) "it's always the gringas that make this sort of thing!"

Cashew Nut Fudge Recipe

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