Sunday, March 2, 2008

The Blessing of Houses

I managed to get enough in the way that I was inadvertently blessed as well. I'm not quite sure what that makes me, but it sure couldn't hurt!

The benediction of the first four homes took place last Wednesday by Bishop Hombach from Granada (originally from Germany).

It all went well, with only the slight hitch of having invited everyone for a mass, but apparently forgetting to tell the priest this. So in classic Nicaraguan fashion, we skipped what wasn’t prepared and went on to the blessing, dancing (by the kids' dance group) and eating!

This is our general contractor praying while his guys work in the background. No one thought to work out before hand whether or not they would work through the whole service (at least no one who was part of the planning committee).

This is our board president (and Nicaraguan congressman) talking with Willy, 6, from Casa Asis and Johanna, 18, in her year of service.

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