Monday, March 3, 2008

Counting the Days

It was one year ago that I got on a plane headed for, well, I wasn't sure what I was headed for. Mexico and Nuestros Pequenos Hermanos, yeah, but I wasn't really sure what that meant.

I wasn't full of idealized dreams, already having worked professionally for a few years in construction and even more years with non-profits. I didn't expect to change the world (I wouldn't mind it, and sometimes I'm delusional enough to try, but usually realism wins). And I wasn't set on having a life changing experience myself.

And one year later, well, it still seems like just my quiet little life. I go to my office each day. I try to behave myself. Sometimes the days speed by full of productivity. Other times I'm frustrated by the bureaucracy and bruisings. I may officially work for an international multi-million dollar organization, but I really work for the kids. I divide up my 24 hours according to what is most important to me. I travel a bit when I can. Really, it's not any different than anyone else.

I'm not minimizing the experience, I just want to say, it's your Fill-in-the-Blank-Iversary too! In the last year you've made the same choices I have. Choices according to time, money, values, pressures, fears and desires.

The challenge is to be aware and choose wisely. All resources are precious and need to be spent carefully. Here in Nicaragua, where there is so little, it's simply a little more obvious. But before your next Blank-Iversary, you can make your choices more conscientiously too!

Just spend a few moments to think about what really matters, if your actions follow your values, you'll be amazed where it takes you.

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