Thursday, June 14, 2007

Waiting for the Verdict....

Wednesday began with another stop by the property; we dropped off food, water (we weren’t sure of the quality of the city provided water) and then continued on to Managua.

We brought in a concrete latrine to cover the pit toilet. It never quite made it to it's final destination and became lawn furniture for the time being.

After meetings there, we grabbed a quesillo (my favorite!) and I bought a tent. While it wasn’t REI (another dangerous favorite); I did have a choice between five different ones. Since I knew life would be hard for my little tent, I chose the cheapest one.

From there, I was dropped off back at the property for the night. Now, the dimensions on the box swear the tent is 6’ long, but when I set it up, the mattress would only fit underneath it, not inside. Still, it was certainly more comfortable than a leaky thermarest on the snow (another story for another day) and much more bug proof than just the sheets the boys had on their mattresses.

Zinc panels covering the bedroom portion of the house.

The roof had progressed so that the bedroom was finally protected from the weather, but there were too many of us to fit inside. Besides, there are enough holes in the walls that it’s practically the same as sleeping outside anyway, so most of us set up our beds on the porch.

A shot from one of the center rooms into the other, and to the ceiling over the bedroom. The floor is flooded because the roof over this part of the house hasn't been completed.

Other than waiting for Marlon do get there on Saturday to render a verdict on where these guys would live (or not live) and fixing the roof (which only took a few people at any given time), there wasn’t much to do, so we played cards and they entertained themselves with my camera.

They like to think they're tough.

But they're about as sweet as they come.

And I think they've gotten fairly comfortable with me.

Same as brothers, sometimes they play, sometimes they fight.

But they always take turns cooking (only because they have to).

Just like a family


Dad said...

And having a teenaged boy attached to the side of your face... You're telling me that's a good thing?

Nic said...

Well, he's not actually even touching me, does that help?

Dad said...

well sort of..., but how about his left arm? He is too, touching you. See?!