Wednesday, June 20, 2007

It's all mine! (Until they decide it's not)

New, not very interesting, but (as close as you get to) permanent room.

I have finally moved out of the Visitor’s Room!

I arrived on April 10th and was told they would start preparing a room for me. Then they gave it away to another person and told me they would start preparing a new room for me. But the same thing happened with that one. So after about a month and a half I was asked if I minded staying in the Visitor’s Room permanently.

Now, the Visitor's Room is a nicer room. But given that it was located in the office building and I hadn’t learned how to open the outer door yet, and that it kept me away from all the other people living on the property, I really wanted to move down to where everyone else was.

Some evenings I would wander down and find basketball games, other times people watching TV, sometimes they would just be hanging out, sometimes they had left to do other things, and often, nothing at all. In a country where these things aren’t planned, I wanted to be in the middle of it so I could be there when whatever, or nothing, happened.

On June 5th, everyone but Marlon, his family and Raul moved out. And one week later, I got my room.

Although there is nothing to be in the middle of anymore, it is still nice to feel like I have a place of my own (a very American ideal too ingrained for me to change).

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