Saturday, June 16, 2007

And the Real (Temporary) Verdict

Monday arrived, and with it, another meeting with civil engineers in Jinotepe for me. That was fine, though, because once I got back to the property, one by one the boys went to be questioned by Marlon, Raul, Sister and Ana, NPH Nicaragua’s social worker.

It wasn’t a very enjoyable day.

The boys were frustrated with being questioned for something they didn’t do (at least, the ones that didn’t do anything). Marlon and co. were frustrated by the lack of information they were being given. Neither group trusted the other. Both felt they had done all they could do. In the end, Marlon decided that they would continue to stay out on the property, working for the rest of the year.

As he was talking, however, Raul told him that they couldn’t because the water hadn’t been on for four days. Raul had already mentioned it, but Marlon stopped this time and they had an impromptu conference behind the truck while we all sat and waited.

After they were done, plans had changed again. They would go to San Marcos, the farm on the island, the place they had been told they were going at the very beginning of the saga. They would work there until we were able to sufficiently prepare the site for them to live there, approximately a month.

So that was that. Like a roller coaster we had ended up where we had started, but the inbetween was anything but fun.


Dad said...

It seems like the complexion of people in Nicaragua kind of glows sometimes. Is that just sweat or is it like that all the time when you see them in person?

Nic said...

I think it's just sweat. We've entered the rainy season where even when it's not raining, it's pretty humid which makes the hot feel even hotter. It's not bad when there's a breeze, but when it's still, it's hot!