Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Tax Credit Extension!

Oct 30 009
Carisa's Kitchen

The tax credit has been extended for first time homebuyers! And while I personally believe the extension is a dubious manner to stimulate the economy, I am excited that it makes life easier for me!

Before the extension, the tax credit was available to our families as long as we closed the house before November 30th. To do so doesn't require certificate of occupancy, just the number we will be setting the mortgage at (I had done a little brainstorming to take the construction pressure off myself).

However, because we sell the homes for no profit, but do attempt to cover our costs with the mortgage, our number needed to be estimated very carefully. That was the work I had scheduled for this week.

But now our glorious government signed an extension (on my birthday no less!) which makes my life a whole lot easier. And it ensures the families a little extra help!

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