Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Is it Too Soon to Talk About Christmas?

I hope it's not too early!

I've been listening to Christmas carols for over two weeks. Yes. Since before Halloween.

I tell myself it's because the last two Christmases in Nicaragua didn't feel like the same Christmas. That Christmas in the summer weather is different. So I'm just extra excited when Christmas comes around after three years!

But, maybe I just really like Christmas.

So to celebrate Nicaragua AND Christmas AND New Year's I've put together a little something.

Vista from Granada Belltower Cakendar
This is an approximation of the cover, copyright rules don't let me take it off of Zazzle

A 2010 calendar of Nicaragua.

I have no idea who would pay $25 for it (other than me), but just in case you (or someone you know) wants one too, here's your chance!

AND $5 of each one (basically what I receive after all is said and done) goes to benefit the Academia de Atletismo in Nicaragua!

Click here for more information.

By the way, if you just want photos, I'm working on putting together a book of Nicaragua. Again, I know I want one, but if you want one too it will be coming to the blog soon!

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Cor said...

Awesome Cole! I want one!