Monday, January 5, 2009

Recycled Water System

While we haven't been starting any new projects in the last few months, we are still finishing up some old ones.

Just recently completed is the water recycling system to re-use grey water.

Recycled Water Cistern

Potable water from the main water tower is used at the sinks and showers. From there it drains away to a grey water septic tank where it is treated in the standard septic system (someday we'd like to have a second step biofilter).

Once the water is clean it gravity drains to a cistern. From the cistern, it is available to be pumped to another smaller water tower.

Once in this smaller tower, it is ready to run to the toilet the next time there is a flush.

Recycled Water Tower

From the flush, the water drains to a second septic tank specifically for black water. Again it is treated in a standard septic system and when clean, drains into the ground.

This particular system was designed for 14 homes which is the girls' half of NPH Nicaragua.

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