Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Laundry Day

View from the Laundry Patio

I finally did laundry today. No, I haven't been wearing dirty clothes this whole time! Really! The school I went to had a laundry service for less than $3, so I've been pretty spoiled and haven't done it myself.

In all honesty, I'm still pretty lazy about it. I didn't feel like walking down the street to the lavanderia, so I went up on the roof where there is a washing machine and a patio with clotheslines. I studied Spanish during the whole process which took about 4 1/2 hours from sticking things in the dryer until my jeans were dry. A thunderstorm rolled through meanwhile, but the air is so dry my clothes kept drying (there is a covered portion of the patio which is where I relocated my clothes when I realized the storm was coming).

Life it pretty laid back at the moment. I spent the morning doing a quantity take off (just concrete, formwork and rebar) of an elevated water tank for the Dominican Republic. Tomorrow is our last day of work this week because Thursday we're headed to Miacatlan (the part of the orphanage with kids 0 - 14 about an hour south of Cuernavaca). Christmas and Easter are spent as a family with all the kids together, all approximately 800 of them!


kneek said...

You couldn't ask for a pretty spot to do the wash. The roof of the 5 storey hospital where I lived for a year had a similar terrace where we could look out over the city to the ocean. I loved spending time up there by myself.

Weren't you supposed to fly to Nicaragua for a meeting last week? Perhaps I have the weeks confused.

Nic said...

That was the original plan, back in the day, you know, like four weeks ago! :)

Alex and I are flying down to Nica on the 10th (next Tuesday) because we didn't think we'd get much done this week (being Holy Week).