Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Casa Asis

Gunther and I went to the Baby’s House today and it was everything I hoped it would be! Cheesy, I know, but who can resist the sea of little faces running up to greet you?!

The first baby I saw when I arrived wasn’t doing any running. She’s only seven months old and came to the house a month ago from the Atlantic coast. She was smiling, happy, drinking from a bottle and would giggle and look at you when you greeted her. The only thing that would give any indication that she was different from most American babies was how skinny she was. She’d had a good diet at the orphanage for the last month, but it still wasn’t enough to make up for previous neglect. At times when I see that kids, it's astounds me to think of what they've been through. It's absolutely unimaginable to me.

The chicos are the littler kids, babies to 3 or 4 years old. They’re the ones who run up as soon as they see you and ask your name, how you’re doing and give the arms in the air signal for ‘would you pick me up?’ They’re the ones who hardly remember, if at all, an adult that isn't just loving.

The grandes are the older kids, they’re 5 to 8 years old. They were in school when I met them and while they needed a reason to run up to me, one as small as me taking a picture of the classroom was enough. When I asked them if it was okay with them if I took a picture, they lined themselves up toward the back of the room. But as I counted to three, they started darting in front of each other so they could best be seen in the picture. This is what I got at the count of three -

The house is located on the shore of Lake Nicaragua and aside from being a beautiful area, there is a wonderful consistent breeze. I was invited by Sister Alana who runs the house to come back any time, and while it’s a little drive from the offices, I’m sure I’ll take her up on it!

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