Friday, June 18, 2010

The End

Whitewater River Hailstorm

I've been putting off writing about the end, not just the end of the PCT, but the end of the blog.

The end of anything isn't as fun as the beginning. In fact, the beginning is the most fun of all. The possibilities, the potential, the unknown.

The PCT ended earlier for me than I had hoped it would. I had hopes for it that it couldn't live up to, through no fault of its own. With a much higher snow pack in the Sierras this year I faced either days of white, trail-less miles or, if I waited, flooded campgrounds and impossible river fords. Oregon and Washington weren't ready, as they normally aren't this time of year.

Others will make it through, because their goal was to walk the PCT. But my goal was to take a vacation. I've worked hard these last three years. Nicaragua and Wyoming have both been very rewarding, but neither were easy. I needed a break more than I originally realized before I start another two year project.

Glacier National Park, the North Cascades National Park and possibly the San Juan National Forest will have to do as substitutes for the official PCT (and I'm pretty sure they'll do well).

As for the blog. I have simply run out of things to say. Originally this was a place to communicate with all of you, as well as put in a permanent place a record of events which were adventures for me. While grad school will be an adventure, I'm going to use up all my words writing papers, debating classmates (you know I will!) and talking with all of you in person, on the phone or in emails!

I may still occasionally post photos or write something, but I don't know what the future of this space will be. So I want to say thank you now to everyone who has been a part of it. Whether you stopped by once (in which case you probably aren't reading this), or have checked in regularly, thank you.

See you around the bend...

the end

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

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