Saturday, October 31, 2009

Front Page of Sheridan Press!

sheridan press

The Sheridan Press is a tiny little newspaper (by Seattle Times, LA Times and NY Times standards), but by far the dominant paper here in Sheridan and where most residents still get their local news.

There is no local TV news station, we get Billings, MT, Rapid City, SD and Casper, WY each about two hours from Sheridan.

Only a small minority of people go to the internet for news, many still prefer calling places in order to get information, which is actually possible in this place where you can meet someone and then easily find their number in the phone book.

So it is wonderful to get an article on the front page and reach a large proportion of the local community!

And by the way, if you click on the picture to read the first part of the article and see the quote I gave, that's grad school application talk!

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