Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Boys are Amazing

So we had a visitor at the new home site the other day.

Believe me, he didn't want to be there.

A group of boys from the home in Managua were sleeping in one of the new houses at night during their school vacation (just a week long in July, 'summer' vacation is December and January) to give us feedback on how it feels to live there. And true to their reputation as, well, boys, they managed to come across and collect things I had never seen on the property before.

They also, in their infinite boy wisdom, decided that the best environment for the snake was Managua and so they tied it's mouth shut with string (although it wasn't poisonous, it kills prey by compression, it still did bite), put it in a bucket and hopped the bus for home.

Unfortunately, they didn't manage to remember to take the snake off the bus.

I actually only know what happened because the nightly news reported that the snake (left by persons unknown to the news) caused quite a disruption when discovered by some very surprised passengers and was taken by MARENA, the environmental agency of the government, to the local zoo.

I think he's a happier camper now than he was last week. But it just goes to show, experiences with NPH will never leave you the same!

Oh, and I think the boys let the bunny go free at the property, at least that's what I'm going to choose to believe.

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