Thursday, July 10, 2008

Electric Avenue II

Looking from the beginnings of our elevated water tank, you can still see the temporary electrical line to the right stretching to the homes in the distance

As you may remember from the original "Electric Avenue'' post, our electrical network left a lot to be desired, but functioned (most of the time). BUT... it was still time to get another system going.

Crane installing one of the several 9 meter concrete light poles trucked in from El Salvador (apparently the place to go for quality light poles)

So we've gone and gotten ourselves a primary network which will actually support the whole home of 500 kids and even more staff someday!

Permanent medium tension electrical on the left, temporary electrical pinned to the palm tree on the right.

The final pieces are being put together with a visit from Union Fenosa in the works before it will be energized. But we're excited to be on the cusp of having electricity in the home like normal people!

Isn't it beautiful? Ok, honestly, yes, underground system would have been better. But if we'd gone with that, we couldn't afford to build houses, so.... it's worth it.

And the gardens have been started as well. These are flowers in front of the concrete wall of a house.

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