Thursday, May 29, 2008

I'm Ahead of You for Once (on Something that Doesn't Really Matter!)

So I saw 'Indiana Jones y el Reino de la Calavera de Cristal' last Friday, and actually, I watched it from the comfort of my own couch!

Here in San Jorge, we don't have any movie theaters, but that doesn't stop us from seeing the latest movies! And actually, even the movie theaters in Managua, which are an overnight trip to visit (by the time the movie ends, there's no transportation back to San Jorge), don't have the latest movies.

So who does have the latest movies? Of course, it's your local corner shop with pirated movies and music! The best movies for me are the most recent releases so they haven't been dubbed into Spanish yet, it's still English with Spanish subtitles.

While I grew up in a family that debated the ethics of photocopying sheet music so that my mom could have a copy on the piano at home to practice and a copy at church to play during the service, I was still certain that this instance of pirating was necessary, um, at least until I saw it.

Let me just say I enjoyed it, and I'm glad I paid $1.03 for it.

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ourman said...

I saw it here in Newcastle the other week. You paid too much!

An absolutely awful, dull film.

I can't say I miss Nica dodgy DVDs - too many were unwatchable. Every couple of weeks I used to jump on a bus to Managua and go see a film there.

Now I can't iamgine spending 45 minutes on a rickety bus just to see some awful blockbuster. I've become very spoilt already.