Sunday, May 4, 2008

And We Received

The view from Nadia's apartment!

We were all welcomed with open arms and donated winter coats by families we stayed with.

Ana and I had the fortune of staying with Nadia (and frequently being accompanied by her fiance Greg) at her apartment in Minneapolis. Dentists by profession (we were sweetly greeted with toothbrushes and floss!), Nadia is originally from Honduras and Greg from the Minnesota area.

They were so fun to visit, especially with the delicious breakfasts every morning, I admit it, they spoiled me well! As we all gathered on the bus in the mornings, a competitive game of "My family...." would always begin with lists of who we stayed with, their accomplishments, the comforts of their homes and their generous natures.

Marlon looks out the bus window at downtown Chicago; the kids stand in front of The Gap; a cake frosted with the national flag of Nicaragua; Ana, Greg, Nadia, Jayden and I at Father Ron's dinner; Ana eating with chopsticks!

The cities of Minneapolis and Chicago were awe striking to the kids who had never seen skyscrapers, let alone this quantity of highrises together! There were many firsts on the trip as well, Ana ate with chopsticks for the first time, many of the kids went to amusement parks for the first time and I got to see my country through new eyes for the first time.

We were also welcomed by the churches and schools we visited. Sometimes they would have a song or a little gift, or we would share a game of soccer or a visit to the animals in the science lab.

The Baha'i House of Worship in Chicago (sightseeing trip, we didn't perform there)

"The Bean" in downtown Chicago

The kids walking through Millennium Park in Chicago

As much as we came to give and as much as the kids worked for the benefit of all the homes, it was a wonderful trip we all gained much friendship and better understanding from.

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