Sunday, April 6, 2008

We're on Our Way (to the USA)!

Ok, we haven't really left yet, but the kids have been practicing like mad for a long time now, so all they've got left to do is get on the plane (and receive their US Visas to be allowed into the country, but we've been assured everything will go fine at our interview at the US embassy tomorrow in Managua).

For those who are mystified by what I'm talking about, on Thursday 19 kids, 3 other adults and I all leave for a whirlwind dance performance tour (the kids are dancing, not me!) of St. Paul/Minneapolis and Chicago for two weeks!

The kids are excited and have been briefed about what to expect. There was a lot of giggling at the idea that you put toilet paper IN the toilet! Because of a smaller size of piping standard, in most of Latin America, toilet paper is put in a trash basket next to the toilet.

And you have more than one sheet to sleep under! Here, you never need more than a regular bed sheet, often not even that. So Father Ron said there had been some confusion in the past about what level to sleep at when presented with multiple sheets and blankets.

It's so great to watch these kids have such a once in a life time exciting experience. Most of them will never have a chance to visit the US again, and plenty of them will never economically be able to travel outside of Nicaragua after this.

They've worked hard for this opportunity and will continue to work during the trip dancing through the coldest weather they've ever experienced, culture shock and colds.

But they'll also get to meet new people, be welcomed into homes of NPH supporters, have fun touristy days and help bring in donations to support all their brothers and sisters in all 9 countries (including donations that will go toward the construction of their new home here in Nicaragua!). Here we come!


eschwede said...

Hey - when and where will you be in Chicago? Is the performance open to the public? It would be amazing to be able to come see you all!

kneek said...

I hope you have a great time. Having organized two events when I was with Friends of the Orphans, I can report that it is an exhausting whirlwind. Make sure you boost your immune system so you can handle the stress.