Thursday, April 3, 2008

In Memoriam Bryan Johnson

Bryan is at left getting ready to nail a brace. Elizabeth and I are simply being used for our muscle at this Post Falls, Idaho Habitat for Humanity Project!

This week I received word that a friend, Bryan Johnson, had passed away from injuries sustained in a fire in Philadelphia. I haven't seen Bryan in several years, but that doesn't dampen my sorrow now nor diminish my appreciation for having the chance to know him.

I first met Bryan when we were volunteers for the UW Chapter of Habitat for Humanity. My first trip with the group was during our Spring Break 2002 trip to Post Falls. There's nothing quite like spending a week framing a house in rain, melting snow and occasional sunshine, going to the gym to work out afterwards, cooking multi-ethnic dinners, playing musical instruments and having philosophical and political conversations in the evening to help you realize you've found your fellow type 'A'-ers. Easy going, but very assured, Bryan continued on his path from an integral part of this group to complete a doctorate in physical therapy on the East Coast and begin raising a son.

Further information about Bryan can be found at this link. And thoughts of another friend, Elizabeth, who is working on her doctorate in New Zealand can be found here.

It's natural when something like this occurs, to be utterly baffled by the course of life. It is a reminder to me that service and commitment to values may not make life last longer, but it certainly makes each moment fuller and the years sweeter.


Elizabeth said...

I totally agree, and it makes me feel really blessed for the time we've spent together.

Fenridal said...