Friday, January 11, 2008

I’m Sort of Back, I Sort of wasn’t Gone

So Christmas came and went….

Poinsettas grow naturally outdoors

And New Year’s came and went….

And you may have noticed that I haven’t posted in awhile, I’ve been sort of gone. I’ve been here, going to meetings, visiting the construction site. I’ve also been in vacation mode with a couple of friends from the states. I’ve been a tourist!

We visited Ometepe Island and had Christmas Eve at the orphanage with the kids. Then we hung around in hammocks at a hostel to celebrate Christmas. We went fishing and dancing in San Juan del Sur (not at the same time) for New Years.

Both Christmas and New Years are pretty low key holidays here. I guess I never really realized how much I was marketed to in the states until suddenly… I wasn’t. There were Christmas songs here and there, but that was about it. We weren’t all counting down shopping days, the only gifts that we knew would happen for sure were for the kids.

There were Christmas lights strung at the roofline of plenty of homes and fake Christmas trees with lights inside. There were many many many nativity scenes. But that’s about where it ended.

You've got a tree, a dog and your hammock? You're set for Christmas!

It came, it went, and life trips along here much like it did before.

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