Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Construction Continues...

Houses are made up of lots of things: concrete, steel, property, and work, lots and lots of work. Someday we’ll add kids and caregivers and then they’ll be transformed into homes!

The contractor has cleared and graded terracing for the four homes (and two additional which he was not contracted to do and which he’ll be planting with grasses since we don’t know when funding will come through for the next group).

We’ve also had an issue with the compaction of the fill area. Those manual compactors just can’t take the place of an actual compactor and so for the areas that are fill, they are recompacting the soil with a machine.

Trenches have been dug for foundation beams and mostly been filled with steel in preparation for the concrete pours. The steel for the columns has been tied into the foundation beams at some of the houses.

Gradually the form of the house is changing from 2 dimensional paper to a shelter for the senses.

As well as things are going on the actual construction of the homes, we’ve now hit some bumps on the office side. I just continue to remind myself that all everyone wants is what is best for the kids; sometimes we just disagree on what that is. At least that’s what I’ve decided is the most productive perspective at the moment!

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