Tuesday, September 4, 2007


Eva and Alonso had a baby last Thursday!

Her name is Milagro (Miracle) Alejandra Morales Something. Ok, officially it doesn’t end with Something, but I’m not sure what Eva’s last name is and traditionally you have two names, then the father’s last name (which is also then the last name commonly used) and then the mother’s last name.

She has to sleep inside mosquito netting for protection

I visited them with a couple of friends on Sunday evening, a day after they’d gotten back from the hospital. Eva sat in a rocking chair as Alonso used my camera to take pictures of a sleeping Milagro until the flash woke her up!

I brought my camera because I wanted pictures of the baby, but once there I realized it would allow me to capture her at three days old for her parents too! I know I take for granted having copious baby pictures of myself (although less than my sister since she was first!). People live so simply because they have to, memories captured by camera are rare and special.

Eva explained to me as I held the baby to wipe sweat from my face on her to help her cool down. I didn’t catch all of the explanation why, but I know it’s because she can’t sweat sufficiently to cool herself down on her own while crying.

Eva is our cook (when not taking maternity leave) and Alonso works in accounting for NPH. When I reached their house, I was surprised by how basic it was, but quickly chided myself for expecting anything different. One living room, two bedrooms and zinc roofing. With no such thing as mortgage lenders and low wages for just about everyone, Eva and Alonso have worked really hard and accomplished a lot, which today, includes a new little miracle.

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